Wish List Items

Because we are a nonprofit rescue made up entirely of volunteers, we rely on donations from the public to carry out our work in rescuing animals that are injured, ill, neglected and/or abused.

New or gently-used supplies are always welcome. The following is a list of the items we need most often. Items may be dropped off at
Faulkner Animal Hospital or at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter Note that many of these items may be purchased through our Chewy or Amazon Wishlist. Items purchased there are shipped directly to us. 

  • Dog/Puppy dry food (Purina Pro Plan Dog and Puppy Foods are preferred)

  • Esbilac Liquid for Puppies, Milk Replacement (formula)

  • Cat dry food

  • Purina Fancy Feast Grain Free Pate Wet Kitten Food

  • KMR - Kitten Milk Replacer (canned or powder)

  • Collars - all sizes

  • Leashes - any size

  • Puppy pee pads

  • Cat litter (clumping litter works best)

  • Fleece blankets

  • Towels and/or sheets

  • Bathroom rugs

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • New dog beds - all sizes

  • Esbilac Puppy Formula

  • Fresh goats milk for bottle-baby puppies

  • Small baby bottles​

  • Dog and cat toys

  • Crates - any size

  • Exercise pens

  • Large dog houses

  • Paper towels (we need A LOT of these)

  • Blue Dawn detergent

  • Building materials for building proper dog houses to be distributed to residents who have outdoor animals and for the outdoor runs at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter.

  • Transport Van - We are in desperate need of a van suitable for transporting 15+ dogs and cats to northern rescues, veterinarian appointments, and for transport of animals for our spay/neuter program for Lancaster residents who own animals but do not have access to transportation.

  • Puppy House - Outdoor shed-like structure that can be heated and cooled via a window air conditioning unit. This will allow we can take in more mamas and babies and save even more lives. We have two that have been donated and we could definitely use at least one more.

  • Office Space - LSPCA is a foster-based rescue. We have no shelter facilities or offices. We would love to have office space in Lancaster to house a community pet food pantry, educational space for our younger citizens to come and learn about proper pet-care and a gathering place for community adoption events, vaccination clinics and other activities.

  • Financial donations are always welcome and will be used toward these items

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~Ralph Waldo Emerson