Your Donation Makes a Difference

Lancaster SPCA is an all volunteer, home-based organization that is funded completely on donations. We have no costly salaries or office overhead which guarantees that.

100% of your TAX DEDUCTABLE donation goes toward a pet's care!

  • Ten Dollars: A $10 donation will buy toys, treats and bones which on a rainy afternoon can make a pet’s day.


  • Twenty Five Dollars: A $25 donation will provide initial food and bedding for a newly rescued dog or cat.


  • Fifty Dollars: A $50 donation will assist in a dog or cat's adoption fee, saving that animal’s life.


  • One Hundred Dollars: A $100 donation will cover the cost of vaccinations or what's needed to spay/neuter a dog or cat to help alleviate overcrowded shelters.

  • Two-Five Hundred: A $200 – $500 donation will pay for the cost of dental work or other necessary care to give an elderly dog or cat a pain-free future.


  • Five Hundred Plus: A $500-$1,000 donation will help pay for major surgery for a dog or cat that has suffered severe trauma. Lancaster SPCA believes that these animals, who are traditionally considered poor candidates for adoptions, deserve a chance as well.



Donations can get to us in the following ways:


  • Via U.S. Mail delivery to:


       PO BOX 3042

       LANCASTER, SC 29721

  • Donor drop boxes at LCSPA sponsored adoption events

  • Via credit card donations to our secured PAYPAL link to the right. Note that you do NOT need a PayPal account to pay with a credit or bank card.

LSPCA Rescue Organization Leader

We also have a wishlist on You can choose an item and it will be shipped directly to us. Thank You!


Lancaster SPCA is a South Carolina 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization - EIN 46-3374265. We are an all-volunteer organization and have no paid staff and we do not have any shelter facilities. All animals are housed by volunteer fosters

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