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Low-Cost Spay / Neuter & Microchip Progam

Spay / Neuter App

Please help us in the fight to prevent unwanted animals, reduce animal overpopulation, and eliminate euthanasia in shelters.


  • For low-income Lancaster County, SC residents only.

  • $20 Males, $30 Females. Price is valid for cats and dogs.

  • Price is valid only at our veterinarian partner, Healthy Pets Spay, Neuter & Wellness Clinic of Rock Hill, SC.

  • Pets must be up-to-date on all vaccinations or additional charges will be incurred (proof required). See the spay/neuter application below for current reduced-cost pricing for vaccines.

  •  Microchips (highly recommended for all pets) are available for $25 (includes lifetime registration). 

  • Please complete the spay/neuter application and allow approximately 10 days for processing. 

  • Once approved, a voucher to be presented at the vet's office (Healthy Pets Spay, Neuter and Wellness Clinic of Rock Hill, SC) will be emailed to you for the pet(s) you indicated on your application. Please type your email address on the application carefully!

  • After you receive your voucher, you may contact Healthy Pets directly to set up an appointment.

  • Use this application for up to four (4) pets. If you have more than four pets, please use a second  application.

  • Vouchers expire 120 days from date of issue.

  • Note that voucher recipients names may be shared for billing/reporting purposes.

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Spay or Neuter your pets!

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