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LSPCA Cat Sanctuary

You can sponsor a sanctuary cat

The LSPCA Cat Sanctuary has 60+ cats that are housed and cared for by volunteers. Every kitty gets all the TLC they want and need. Some are feral, some are just unfriendly, some have health issues, and all are unadoptable for one reason or another.

Sponsoring a sanctuary cat is a wonderful way to help care for a cat while it lives out its life in the safety and security of the sanctuary. 

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How do we use sponsorship funds?

We're so glad you asked! Sponsorship funds are used to help with overall upkeep, supplies, utilities and veterinary needs. The cat sanctuary is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer. There's lots of places to climb, rest and play. All the comforts of home!


Cats lounge and play inside, outside or on the catio - wherever they feel most comfortable. It is thoroughly cleaned every day by a volunteer and all are fed canned cat food twice per day, while dry food is left out for snacking throughout the day. 

The upstairs of the sanctuary cat house holds a quarantine room for new cats and kittens before they are introduced into the general population. New animals and those recovering from surgery are kept separated.

The cost to run the LSPCA Cat Sanctuary averages $50 per month, per cat - that's $3000 per month for all 60 cats! This includes food, litter, flea/tick prevention, vaccines, spay/neuter surgery, and other vet care, as required. 


You may choose to sponsor a kitty for a month or make it a recurring donation to sponsor for a longer time.

Another way you can help is by purchasing cat food, kitten food and supplies from our Amazon Wishlist to have those items shipped directly to the sanctuary. These donations help us so much!

We are adding all the cats to this page as we are able to get photos. The ones shown here represent about half of the residents of the cat sanctuary.

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