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Help us help our neighbors in need

LSPCA’s Angel Fund is dedicated to ensuring that no pet has to suffer needlessly or be euthanized simply because its caretaker is financially challenged. Our Angel Fund was established to help community members with urgent veterinary expenses for their pets, with the goal of keeping the pet at home, healthy, and happy (and out of the shelter or worse).


This fund may be used by low-income Lancaster, SC, residents without resources to care for their pet’s emergency injury or sudden illness, provided there is a high chance of a successful outcome. When circumstances allow, we always work with our local veterinary partner, Faulkner Animal Hospital, to provide the best quality care at the lowest cost possible.

Pay it Forward

Our ultimate hope is that emergency financial assistance from the LSPCA Angel Fund will continue to be paid forward. Together, we can dramatically improve the lives of pets in our community, and help keep them happy, healthy, and safe by their human family members’ sides.

Please consider helping your neighbors. Every donation helps.

100% of your donation will go towards helping pets and their families who may be in a time of need or cannot afford emergency medical services for their pets. These donations are tax-deductible and can help save lives!

Grey Cat

Qualifying for Assistance

To be eligible for an Angel Fund grant, each recipient must complete an application and meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • Lancaster County, SC, resident

  • Pet owner must demonstrate financial hardship and have exhausted all other payment efforts.

  • Proof of income - This can be a copy of a check stub, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, etc. The proof of income must be recent (within the last 3 months), and we CAN NOT use tax forms for this purpose. Low income is defined as less than $14,000 annually for one person and $30,000 for a family of four. 

  • Proof of application and rejection of CareCredit (

  • A copy of the veterinarian's written cost estimate and treatment plan must be provided. Pet must have a good prognosis (a high chance of successful outcome).

  • Name, address, and telephone number for the treating veterinarian, if other than Faulkner Animal Hospital.

  • The applicant must keep all scheduled appointments with the veterinary hospital.

  • Pet owners must agree that if their pet is not spayed or neutered, LSPCA will cover that service when the veterinarian deems appropriate.

  • Individuals receiving an Angel Fund grant will be asked to contribute a co-pay (amount determined on a case-by-case basis) to the veterinarian at the time of service to be applied toward the pet's care.

  • Individuals receiving an Angel Fund grant will be asked to complete 10 service hours volunteering with LSPCA or the Lancaster County Animal Shelter to benefit homeless pets, if possible.


*Note that the application will not be made available until the program is funded.

Important Program Information

  • The maximum lifetime grant is $1500 per household. This amount may be subject to change based on the needed medical care and the amount available in the fund.

  • Covered care is only for emergency medical or surgical procedures for sick or injured personal pets (cat or dog only). The LSPCA Angel Fund does not cover routine exams or dental care.

  • Breeders are not eligible for Angel Fund grants. 

  • Those who meet the qualifications must sign a release to allow LSPCA to use the case for advertising and fundraising efforts (the owner’s name will not be identified in success stories without permission). 

  • While everything possible is done to award Angel Fund status to all who request assistance, it is important to remember that the fund is 100% donation-based. Therefore, funds are limited. We cannot cover every situation or assist with every case. Any funds granted may not cover 100% of the amount needed. We can only provide as much help as our funding will allow, up to the lifetime maximum. Payment will be made only to the veterinarian providing the services and will not be made directly to the individual.

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Not All Angels Have Wings

Donations to the Angel Fund will provide life-saving care to an animal who might otherwise suffer or be destroyed needlessly. It is our hope that this initiative will have a positive impact on our community members who love their pets and want the best for them but lack the resources needed for emergency veterinary care.

Angel Fund is currently pawsed 

LSPCA Angel Fund applications are currently unavailable while we raise funds to assist members of the community who are in need. Check back here for updates.
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