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Thank you to everyone involved with the husky rescue

March 11, 2020

LSPCA would like to extend a big thank you to everyone involved with the husky rescue and to the many, many friends of LSCPA who donated supplies and funds to be used for their care. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from the community. We could not do it without all of you! #ittakesavilliage

If you would like to read the recap and update in our March Newsletter, you can view that here: 

Our prayer is that all of these animals will be able to overcome this abuse and neglect and find loving “furever” homes when it’s time. We also hope that this situation will shed light on the fact that Lancaster County needs new ordinances so that there are real consequences for animal neglect/abusers, institute mandatory spay and neuter laws, outlaw animal chaining and tethering, and initiate animal registration requirements to prevent this kind of situation from occurring in the future. LSPCA will be the voice for the voiceless until there is some accountability for the overpopulation of animals in our area and the rampant neglect and abuse we see daily. 

Thank you again from all of us! May God bless you all!

23 Husky Dogs, 3 Puppies and 1 Cat Rescued From Severe Abuse and Neglect This week

March 04, 2020

Please check out the story about the rescue of the huskies this week in today's The Lancaster News. These animals were rescued because someone who saw or knew what was going on in this house, reported it to the authorities. Please, please report anything you think is not right and let the authorities check it out. BE THEIR VOICE! 

LSPCA is still accepting donations for the ongoing care of these animals. Please go to our Donate Page if you'd like to make a donation. You will also find a link to our Amazon Wishlist as well as a list of the items we need most. Thank you! 

Trips to Delaware saves lives

February 19, 2020

One Lancaster pup – named Bruno by shelter staff – spent nearly five months at the Lancaster County Animal Shelter before he was finally adopted 530 miles away. Bruno was one of 20 dogs and 22 cats that have been taken out of Lancaster County over the past two months. All of them were driven to First State Animal Center and SPCA in Delaware. The Lancaster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LSPCA) covered the bill for the first trip and split the second with Lancaster County Animal Shelter.
“This was a blessing for Lancaster,” LSPCA Director Diana Knight said of making a connection with the Delaware facility. “We have way too many animals here and not enough adopters. That means the animals suffer,” she said.
Knight said the LSPCA was introduced to the group in Delaware through the Kershaw County Humane Society, which the LSPCA works alongside quite often.

LSPCA Brings Christmas to the Shelter

January 01, 2020

One of our favorite events is our annual Christmas Eve Shelter Cookout "Tailgate" party for the animals who have found themselves spending the holidays at the shelter. We thank everyone who donated items from our Amazon Wishlist or dropped items in our collection bin. We were able to give these babies a special day with hamburgers for the dogs, real tuna for the cats, a new blanket, bed, and toys for all. What a special day it was! Check the link below to read the entire article in The Lancaster News.


August 18, 2019

Check out our first-ever newsletter spotlighting all the news and happenings at LSPCA. This is a very exciting time for us and we have a lot going on!


Topics include:

Update on Max - our brain surgery pup

Spay/Neuter Program Updates

LSPCA in The Lancaster News

Lancaster County Animal Shelter News

Fur Ball 2019 - Tickets and Sponsorships

Available LSCPA Pets

And much more!


You can read and subscribe to the newsletter here:

BIG Things are happening at LSPCA

August 08, 2019

Our mission may have changed, but our resolve has not. 

In addition to rescuing the most critical-need animals in our community, we plan to provide educational programs in schools promoting ethical treatment of animals, become a resource for the community for pet care, pet food and low-cost veterinary services and promote spay/neuter programs to control the population of unwanted and discarded pets to ultimately eliminate euthanasia within our shelters. 

The community is invited to participate in our life-saving mission!

If you'd like more information, Click HERE

Featured Article in The Lancaster News about our Sweet Fynn!

July 04, 2019

Our sweet Fynn was featured in The Lancaster News this week. He went from emaciated and dumped to living his best life as a dock-diving dog! Check out this amazing article to read his story. Go Fynn!











Little Max Needs Your Help!

June 06, 2019

Little Max, 8-week old lab-mix with neurological issues, will need surgery to have a shunt placed to relieve the pressure from Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). He has pain, blindness and other symptoms caused by the pressure in his head. The tests, surgery, and after-care will cost $5000+. This is way more than our little rescue can afford, but we believe in giving every dog a chance at a happy life.


We have started a Go-Fund-Me page to help raise money for his surgery, pain meds, hospital stay, etc. Can you please find it in your heart to donate and/or share this campaign to help raise the funds needed for his care? We thank you in advance for your support of LSPCA and help for this baby!

May 31, 2019 - Eight week-old Little Max and his three siblings were owner-surrendered to Lancaster SPCA after they found themselves with an unwanted litter of lab-mix pups. LSPCA took in the pups and offered to spay the mama. Our offer was refused, but the owner did promise to have her spayed in the near future to prevent another unwanted litter.

It was clear from the start that Little Max was a little different from the others. He tilts his head to one side, has trouble holding his head up, is mostly (or totally, we're not sure) blind, has difficulty controlling his movements, runs in circles much of the time and has severe pain in his neck.

After the initial vetting at Faulkner Animal Hospital, we were referred to Dr. Robert Bergman, a doggie neurologist at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Rock Hill, SC. He was observed and thoroughly examined by the doctor who felt that fluid on the brain was causing much of his neurological symptoms, blindness, and pain. After the exam, Max had a CAT scan and MRI. The tests have confirmed that he has Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). Surgery to have a shunt placed to drain the fluid is necessary to relieve some of his symptoms and perhaps restore some of his eyesight. He will need to be on pain medication for life, at the very least.

Unfortunately, a cure for this neurological birth defect is probably not a possibility, but it is our hope that we can relieve some of his pain and help him lead as normal a life as possible. He will always be a special-needs dog, but we hope to give him a chance at a good life.

The medical testing and doctor fees are quite expensive and the cost for the surgery is estimated at $3000.  We will certainly post updates here on his progress and diagnosis after the surgery. We know we will need a minimum of $5000 to cover his care and are asking for your help. Please donate if you can. Any amount, big or small, will go a long way to help LSPCA care for this sweet pup. Thank you! 

Newest rescue at Lancaster SPCA has quite the transformation

May 27, 2019

When the Shih Tzu was brought in, she was mattered and covered in urine. Now, she's groomed and getting ready for a new day. 


Lancaster SPCA received an emergency call from Lancaster Animal Shelter that a dog, who they believe is five to seven years old weighing roughly eight or nine pounds, was in urgent need of help. 


In a Facebook post, the Lancaster SPCA says Sheila from Bubbles N Blades LLC left her vacation early to tend to the Shih Tzu.  The before and after pictures look like two different dogs altogether -- she was matted and covered in urine and feces all over her body.


Click the link to read the full story of the transformation of Miss Magnolia...

Thank you to Ally Brasington of Buford Elementary!

May 28, 2019

Ally Brasington, 2nd grader at Buford Elemtary, organized a donation drive with her classmates to shower Lancaster SAPCA with much needed items. Hazel  a Lancaster SPCA rescue dog visited the students and loved all of the gifts that were donated. Teaching our youth about how to care for animals is so important! Maybe this generation can end animal abuse and neglect. We want to thank everyone at Buford Elementary! 


 #stopthechaining #showingkindnessalways #love #adoptdonetshop #Childrenareourfuture

Baby Diesel Needs Your Help

March 06, 2019

9-week old puppy Diesel was surrendered to the shelter on February 28 in severe pain with a broken elbow. His owner could not afford to pay for his care.  The shelter contacted LSPCA immediately and we have taken him into our rescue. After being seen by the vet and x-rays taken, it's clear that little Diesel needs surgery to repair his leg, but this is a delicate procedure that can only be handled by a specialist.  His surgery is scheduled for Friday at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Charlotte. The cost of his surgery will be about $3800+. As a small nonprofit rescue organization, we will need your help to cover the cost of his surgery, hospital stay, pain meds, and rehab.  Every dollar donated will make a big difference!

We will be posting updates on our Facebook page to document his recovery. We thank you in advance for your support and help for this baby in desperate need!

Outrageous injuries prompt LSPCA to target ordinances

January 20, 2019

When Diana Knight gets riled up about Lancaster County’s lack of tough animal-cruelty ordinances – and she does that a lot – she thinks about Shiloh, the schnauzer.

Animal control officers found him last June with his collar embedded beneath his skin. It had been left so tight for so long that the skin grew around it and even grafted onto it, said Knight, director of the Lancaster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Read the entire article to see how you can help!

Plans for New Lancaster Animal Shelter inches ahead!

January 19, 2019

A new Lancaster Animal Shelter would be a dream come true! The three members of county council’s Infrastructure and Regulation Committee will recommend to the full council that it spend $2.9 million to $3.1 million building the 8,600-square-foot facility on Pageland Highway. A packed crowd of shelter supporters erupted in applause after the vote was taken at Tuesday’s lengthy I&R committee meeting. Committee members Larry Honeycutt and Terry Graham voted for the recommendation, with Billy Mosteller opposed. The full council won’t consider the matter until its Jan. 28 meeting, but the committee’s decision allows county staff to move forward on the project.


The complex will include a 4,800-square-foot building with space for animal intake and holding, a medical area for treatment, offices, and space for pet adoptions, as well as a laundry and a food-storage area. It also has two rooms for cats and 46 runs to house dogs.


Click below to read the entire story. We are hoping the public will get behind this project and push for its completion!

2018 Year In Review

December 31, 2018

Check out our video year in review for 2018. What a year it was for LSPCA!

LSPCA Throws a Christmas Party for the Pets at the Lancaster Animal Shelter!

December 24, 2018

LSCPA threw a cookout for the pets who found themselves homeless and at the shelter this Christmas. Hot dogs and hamburgers for the dogs and tuna for the cats, along with a new blanket, toys, and treats for all! Everything was donated by the community and we can not thank everyone enough for their help in bringing a little Christmas to the pets at the shelter. Please read the article below for full details and photos!

Fur a good cause!

December 05, 2018

Annual LSPCA gala nets $35K for animal rescue! Read The Lancaster News article here:

September 07, 2018

A pit bull mix was found on a roadside south of Lancaster on Monday with painful burns all over her back, shoulder and tail.

A sheriff’s deputy took her to the county animal shelter, where the Lancaster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took over and rushed her to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Rock Hill.
Diana Knight with the LSPCA said the dog was sedated and her burns were cleaned in Rock Hill, and she was brought to Faulkner’s Animal Hospital in Lancaster Tuesday.
LSPCA members gave her a new name – Phoenix.
“It’s heartbreaking to see so much love and know she was mistreated so badly,” Knight said.
It’s unclear how Phoenix was injured and who her owner was.
Dr. Candice Ellis at Faulkner’s Animal Hospital said the wounds appear to be from a chemical burn, and there was a deep infection in the dog’s skin. The untreated injury had existed for some time and was infested with insects, she said, and it was already starting to heal.
Phoenix lost all of the skin from her neck to her tail and down her right shoulder. She is on pain medication and antibiotics, and the dressings on her wounds must be changed several times a day.
Ellis said every animal she sees in horrible condition, like Phoenix, breaks her heart.
“We have to kind of take it and go,” she said. “We have to push ourselves through it to help them because if we didn’t, then who would?”
Ellis said Phoenix is starting to look a lot better, and her wounds are beginning to heal properly.

See the rest of the story in TheLancasterNews here:

New LSPCA Memorial Page Established in Memory of the Very Special Pet, Annie

July 02, 2018

A new LSPCA Memorial Page has been established in memory of "Annie", a 16 year old Yorkie who was very special to her family, Amy & Scott. Sadly, Annie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June, 2018. At the request of a family friend, we established our Memorial Page so that Annie's friends and family may always remember her and can choose to donate to the LSPCA in her memory so that we may continue working diligently to rescue animals in and around Lancaster, SC and unite families with their new "furbabies" to give them many years of love, happiness and loyalty.

If you'd like to memorialized a pet, please email us at with the pet's photo & information and we will be happy to add it our page. What a special gift for a grieving friend or family member.

Thank you, Addison!

June 04, 2018

We love our young supporters. Through meeting foster pups at her school, Addison chose to help LSPCA animals with her birthday money. We hope you read the wonderful article written in today’s Lancaster News about Addison, her teacher Kim Threatt and their love for animals (link below). Thank you to Addison for making her birthday a special day for homeless animals!

Project Go for Heros!

May 17, 2018

Please Share!! For every Facebook share of the video, Nutramax will donate $5 to Project GO (up to $25,000)! “Project GO For Heroes”. Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc., the maker of COSEQUIN® and DASUQUIN®, is proud to support and sponsor Project GO (Global Orthopedics for Animals) Inc. and their vision ‘to have a just world where all injured animals have access to care for a better future.’ Now YOU Join us in supporting their mission! From May 17th - May 31st to WATCH, then SHARE the Project GO video. For every Facebook share of the video, Nutramax will donate $5 to Project GO (up to $25,000)!

Thank you in advance for your support of this great organization!

LSPCA Shows Support for the Lancaster County Animal Shelter

February 26, 2018

A main question people ask us..Do we support the Lancaster County Animal Shelter? Our answer is YES!! We help each other. Here are pics in different stages but finally came together. First- Donated Dog House during our Distemper outbreak purchased by LSPCA, Petsense and a few individual donations. They were used to house animals off the property until safe to return. Second is the cement area LSPCA paid for with the help of a silent contributor and finally today the finished product. More runs for this very small packed shelter. The kennels were purchased by the shelter and the covers by LASS. Teamwork makes the Difference!! Thanks to all who helped and supported this much needed addition.

Get your 2018-2019 LSCPA Calendar Now!

December 07, 2017

LSPCA 2018-2019 Calendars are on sale at Black Stone Massage, WEC Lotus Boutique, the Hairport or any LSPCA Board Member. Each month spotlights one of our LSPCA Furbabies. These calendars were sponsored by UPS in Lancaster and Photographer Amy Tensi. $20 each and all proceeds go to LSPCA.

Shout Out to Kaylee Snipes!

November 02, 2017

Special Thanks to Kaylee Snipes who chose the LSPCA as her community service project at Discovery School. She raised awareness and donations for our furbabies. Children and education are the future. Learning compassion and care for animals is what Lancaster County needs. We are so appreciative of Kaylee's hard work and the donations of the many people at the Discovery School!

October 22, 2017

Kids doing the right thing! Please checkout today’s Lancaster News article! Children and education are the future of preventing animal abuse and neglect. We are so proud of these 3 brothers.

October 16, 2017

The Lancaster News will be donating $10 to the LSPCA for every new, regular price subscription sold. Mention Promo Code DonLSPCA. Please be sure to buy your subscription and know you are helping the unwanted, neglected and abused animals of Lancaster County. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Come Support the Lancaster SPCA's 1st Annual Fur Ball!

October 16, 2017

You are invited to attend our 1st Annual Fur Ball Gala, the LSPCA's premiere gala to help unwanted, abused and neglected animals of Lancaster County on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at USC Lancaster, Bradley Bldg. Tickets are $50 each.

The Fur Ball is a fun and glamorous evening that includes dinner, live entertainment, dancing and full bar as well as silent and live auctions.

 A wonderful event and a great way to ring in the holiday season of giving. See our Fur Ball 2017 page for ticket information.

LSPCA Foster Making a Difference

October 01, 2017

LSPCA Foster mom, Kim Threatt, Teacher at McDonald Green Elementary, is making such a wonderful difference in the lives of children and animals. She's bringing foster pups, Bo & Lucy to school to help teach the kids about animal care, adoption of animals in need and prevention of abuse and neglect. Thank you Kim for all you do for the animals and kids of Lancaster.

Sophie's Story

September 09, 2017

9/9/17 - Checkout the front page of the Lancaster News! Sophie's story of tragedy, generosity and finding her furever home.

8/25/17- LSPCA is so happy to say that Sophie has officially been adopted!! We all would like to thank everyone for their donations and prayers for this sweet girl. Her burns are healing and thanks to her wonderful foster family she knows she is loved. It's time for the next chapter of her little young life and that is with her furever family. She is one special puppy!! 

8/17/17 - Sophie Update: Vet appt went great. She is healing and doing so much better. This girl is just the sweetest.

8/4/17 - Please meet Sophie. Found this morning and taken to the Lancaster Animal Shelter. LSPCA was contacted immediately for help. She was taken by a volunteer to our vet Faulkner Animal Hospital for help. It has been determine that she was burned by fire and will need sedated treatment and a hospital stay. We are begging for your help. Donations for her care are so needed. You can call directly to our vet and donate to her. Every dollar helps and she deserves all we can give her. This is a very painful abuse for this 10-12 week old puppy to endure. Please keep her in your prayers. A special foster will be needed once released from the hospital. Faulkner Animal Hospital is 803-286-8131.

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Sophie - Burned pup
Sophie - Burned pup
Sophie - Burined pup
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