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Thank you to all of the Shelter in Place 2020 Sponsors!

Our Open House and Shelter Tours event was a huge success. Lancaster County should be so proud of this gorgeous new facility that will make a tremendous difference in the lives of the homeless, unwanted and discarded pets that find themselves in the shelter looking for a new home and a better life. We could not be more grateful to you all.

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As we are unable to host our annual Fur Ball event, this year LSPCA is partnering with the Lancaster County Animal Shelter to raise funds to address the needs of the shelter.


Your donations will be used to help the 3000 - 5000 animals that go through the shelter each year. The focus will be on medical cases, needed medications for all, equipment needed for shelter residents, and more!

Sponsorships are open to all businesses and individuals. The name or logo of every sponsor will be displayed at the new shelter and sponsors will be advertised on our social media pages, website and newsletter.

Although COVID-19 will prevent us from enjoying the Fur Ball with all its delicious food, fancy attire, and tasty cocktails, we are arranging a private Open House and tour of the new Lancaster County Animal Shelter for our “SHELTER in Place 2020” sponsors prior to the opening to the public. All social-distancing and precautionary measures will be in place for our guests.


We ask that you please complete the sponsorship form shown below and return it by September 23, 2020.

If you'd like to donate in memory or in honor of a loved one or beloved pet, we encourage you to make a donation in their name in any amount you'd like.

Thank You Corporate Sponsors

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Founders Credit Unio Logo.png
Comporium Logo.png
Genelles Logo.png
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SHELTER IN PLACE 2020 Sponsorships now available

Corporate Sponsorships

Individual Sponsorships

Shelter in Place 2020 Corp sponsorship 2
Shelter in Place 2020 indiv sponsorship

Sponsorships Deadline Extended

to September 23, 2020 

If you prefer to donate via credit card, please complete the online sponsorship form here:

Shelter in Place Sponsorships
Shelter in Place Sponsors

Platinum sponsors

  • Katie E. Scott - Merrill Lynch

  • Michael & Patricia Clancy
    in Memory of Lib Wilson

  • Ann Richardson
    in Memory of Woody

  • Noni Bohonak
    in Memory of Michael Bohonak

  • Mark & Lisa Bridges

  • Kirk & Jennifer Patton

  • Evan & Stephanie Scott
    in Memory of Olive & in Honor of Abbey

  • Michael & Esther Lucas
    in Honor of Alan Williams, Lancaster County Animal Shelter & LSPCA

Gold Sponsors

  • Jane Marek
    in Memory of Mister

  • Paul & Harlan Cressor

  • P & J Sales
    in Memory of Benji, Susie, Goldie & Gracie

  • Fred & Nancy Brackett
    in Memory of Bailey, Molly, Duke, Bear, Buddy & Pete. 
    In Honor of Jingles, Henry & Penny

  • Michael & Jenn Rains 
    in Memory of Sampson

  • Kevin & Diana Knight

  • Ashley & TJ Cauthen

  • Angela & Jeff Chandler
    In Memory of Marty Chandler

  • Karen Bell-Ritenour & Michael Ritenour in Memory of Jason M. Flynn & Dixie

  • Amy, Toby & Anson Taylor
    In Memory of Gracee Mae - the one who rescued us

  • Darrell & Julie Walters

silver sponsors

  • Gameday Sports

  • Elizabeth Todisco
    in Honor of  Danny Boy

  • Samuel Bruckner

  • Barbara Winkler
    in Memory of Florence Henin

  • Linda Hutchinson
    in Memory of all our pets who gave us endless devotion, love, & joy

  • Tammy & Andie Martin
    in Memory of Gene Baker

  • Tony & Linda Todisco
    in Honor of Bailey

  • James Ash

  • Jocelyn Perez & Jodi Honeycutt 
    In Memory of Rolando Perez & In Honor of Larry Honeycutt

  • Dorie McRae

  • Karen Nichols

  • Dianne & Blakie Shute
    in Memory of Sparkle & Gizmo

bronze sponsors

  • Ruth Bowers
    in Memory of LeRoy Bowers

  • Rick & Kim Ennis
    in Memory of Blu

  • Brooke & Cynthia Crenshaw
    in Honor of Tanner

  • Cindy & Dean Hughes
    in Honor of Sophie, Belle & Josie

  • Beth & Paul Winkley
    in Honor of Bear

  • Keith & Annette Melton
    in Memory of Rascal

  • Stan & Julie Emanuel
    in Memory of Roxie Emanuel

  • Karen Bell-Ritenour
    in Honor of Carrie Michelle Ellinger & in Memory of Gravy, Precious & Mocha

  • Chris, Sandy & Cameron Hussey in Honor of Ramon & Joretta Moreno & in Memory of Romeo, Pepper, Spike, Gumby, Bella & Twiggy

bronze sponsors (continued)

  • Kim & Darby Threatt
    in Honor of the abused & neglected dogs that never found rescues

  • Nick & Harriet Pasquine
    in Memory of Chessie

  • Eric, Shana & Addison Dry
    in Memory of Chance

  • Sharon Novinger
    in Memory of Andrew Novinger

  • Tommy & Harriet Myers

  • Tony & Carole Walker
    in Honor of Royce

  • Dianne Jones & Suzanne Bailey
    in Honor of all our pets

  • Kip & Cindy Carter ~
    L.H.  Carter Company

    in Honor of Edgar, Eli, & Gracie

  • Cecil & Myra Gleaton
    in Honor of Dr. Brent Glenn

  • Doug & Donna Gillespie
    in Memory of Mary Ellen Hammond

  • Tammy Dixon Cauthen
    in Memory of All My Fur Babies

  • Bonnie Masters-Ostrem
    in Honor of "PISMO" Ostrem

  • Karen Fronk Fiorito & Bob Fiorito in Memory of Chance, Nuno & Jenny

  • Mike, Cindy & Mary Bethea

  • Karen Bailey in Memory of Tyson, Ginger, Smoky, & Dyson & in Honor of Camo, Roxie, Cash, Haggard and Lady

  • Ann Chriske in Memory of Tiffany

  • Joe & Pam Giardiello
    in Memory of Whistle & Sparky

  • Jeff & Melissa Appel

  • Virginia & Jim Boling
    in Memory of Kris Boling

What is shelter in Place 2020 all About? 

Watch here:

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